GDPR Policy

Alexander Rhodes Associates Ltd
Company No: 5609338

We are aware of recent changes to EU Law and the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation
(GDPR). In light of this change we are pleased to confirm the following:

  • We do not have a proprietary database or a database-management system
  • We do not hold, store, sell, share or process data on individuals or companies
  • We only save word or pdf CVs and only with the implied consent of candidates
  • We only share a candidate CV with a customer with the express consent of the candidate
  • We only share a candidate CV for the legitimate purposes of an employment search
  • We do not employ email marketing, direct marketing or spam
  • We use a triple encryption system to protect our cloud-based folders and files
  • Our intention is to ensure a minimum privacy impact on all candidates, and for the privacy
    requirements of candidates to override the legitimate interests of our business
  • We do not interact with children and therefore have no data relationship with minors

Any and all data breaches discovered will be reported online with immediate effect, and the parties
concerned notified of any breach of privacy.

The Data Protection Officer for Alexander Rhodes is Stephen Rhodes. You can contact Stephen to
request confirmation, return or deletion of your CV on: [email protected]

Alexander Rhodes is committed to responding and resolving all data requests within 48 hours, unless
fair and obvious reasons dictate otherwise.

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